ASSIGNMENT 6 - due by May 14:

Upload Local Documents

The PDM needs to cite references to current documents from local jurisdictions. (Note that the consulting team has developed an easy way to upload your reference materials – see the video on the link to the right). 

Please upload things such as:

  • Capital improvements list and plans
  • Future infrastructure studies and projects
  • Regional and community-level sensitive lands studies and plans
  • General plans
  • Community Wildfire Preparedness Plans (CWPP)
  • Community Emergency Response Plans
  • County Resource Management Plans

ASSIGNMENT 5 - due by May 14:

Identify anticipated development

Part of the risk assessment requires us to identify GENERAL areas where development is likely and expected to happen in the next ~5years. 

Please have your land use planner contact Mike Hansen for a quick conversation.

ASSIGNMENT 4 - due by Mar 15:

Quick Inventory of City plans + ordinances

Chapter 8 has a table that shows the types of plans and ordinances that the city has formally in-place.  You just need to mark them Yes/No.

Your land planner / community development people will have the answer to half of the things you need to report on. 

Remember that it just saves as you type.

ASSIGNMENT 3 - due by Mar 15:

REPORT ON CITY GOALS (2016 + 2021)

As a major stakeholder, each city is required to represent to FEMA the pre-disaster mitigation work that they have done and that they are expecting to do in their municipality. The developing draft contains the text that is in the current plan. We need your help to update this section as soon as possible.

If you are looking for language for a new goal/strategy, the Bear River AOG has created a guide to help (link to the right).


Council Resolution of Support

The second key milestone for municipalities and other major stakeholders is to formally recognize the project and commit their support. FEMA suggests a council resolution. This is a critical step because jurisdictions will also be asked to formally support its adoption once the plan is updated. 

In order to get this done for your jurisdiction, we’ve provided materials that will facilitate the process.  The links to the right go to folders for your jurisdiction.  The materials folder contains the following:

  1. Cover letter from our office.
  2. Flyer that gives a very basic overview of the update initiative.
  3. Sample language for a council resolution of support.

Please work with your Council Secretary and/or legal department to develop your resolution that you can put on your local letterhead. Once that is done, we need you to make sure that it goes before your Council to get signed.

We understand that the agreement / resolution can be a long process, so we suggest that you get your process started ASAP.  Once yours is complete, please upload a copy of your completed resolution into the same folder linked above.


Contact Information Gathering

FEMA requires basic contact information for your key people (name, title, email). As part of the outreach phase, we need your help with our contact information data gathering. 

The link to the right goes to a spreadsheet for your jurisdiction. Note, that you should be able to customize the roles for your jurisdiction easily, and that information is saved as you type it in there.

Thanks again for your help on this.  We need your contact information by January 19th.

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