Updated Source Documents

We need to update the works cited from p.285 of the current/previous PDM.


Quick Inventory of COUNTY plans + ordinances

Chapter 8 has a table that shows the types of plans and ordinances that the city has formally in-place.  You just need to mark them Yes/No.

Your land planner / community development people will have the answer to half of the things you need to report on. 

Remember that it just saves as you type.


Data source for Appendix C - Hazard histories

Our team would be happy to update these tables, but we don’t know how to access the data.


Review of Appendix B - General Strategies

This content seems pretty generic (hence the name?), but if its required, then we just need a quick readthrough to make decisions on the missing content and to respond to the comments our team left in there.


Quick review of Appendix A - "Environmental Considerations"

This chapter probably needs to be renamed.  It seems to be a cursory review of the federal enabling legislation for environmental planning.  If it needs to be different, then we need to make a decision on what that needs to look like.


Review of Part 11 - Plan Maintenance

This will be a quick update once a decision is made about how the county wants to maintain their plan.

Davis needs to decide whether they want to keep the website after this project is over.  If so, then we need a few sentences about how that helps with maintenance. You will want to discuss this with the planning department.

Our team also provides a code hosting solution that would be a great way to also host / maintain the PreDisaster Mitigation Plan.  


UPDATE Capability Assessment (part 8)

This chapter should be a quick update (it summarizes the way staff is organized).  You will need the Planners to help with the “Land Management Tools” section and the “Political Willpower” part at the end.


Review of Part 7- Geography

There are small details added to this text that needed to be updated.  Probably want to reach-out to the county’s planning/GIS departments to help with the content. Also, any graphics for this section would be appreciated (as long as we files that we can customize to the look/feel of the plan).

Also need access to the NFIP data (number of policies and claims).


UPDATE STATUS OF 2016 GOALs / initiatives

This chapter is supposed to be a high-level review of what the County accomplished since the last plan. (There will be a different chapter where the cities need to report on what they did).  Our team has no idea, so we need the County to update this part.

The 2016 plan had a really long table (starting on p.38) that showed the different activities by jurisdiction.  Seems redundant, but if it needs to be included, then we need to build that table.  Maybe the table goes into an appendix?


Review of Part III - Planning Process

Most of the basic elements of this chapter will likely be the same as it was in 2016, just need to add details at the end of the project.  Need a readthrough to make sure that the citations are right, and that it covers the correct info.


QUICK REVIEW OF Part 1 (Intro)

This doc is currently 4pg, and we need a review of the first two pages. We really just need to be sure that the major/governing laws are cited correctly.



Part X is supposed to include a discussion of the “specialized local districts” that serve the area. 

We need a list of who they are, and then probably need to send a letter of some kind that informs them of what we are doing and then invites them to participate.  (The last plan didn’t include major entities like the Red Cross).  We can probably use the same language we used for the municipal stakeholders (email from County on 2/3/2021).

We also need someone from the County to verify that we have the right entities listed in the plan, and then make edits to the Part 10 document.


COUNTY STAFF Contact Information

We need to compile basic contact information for relevant county staff.  We’ll summarize the staff functions in “Part VIII Capabilities”, and keep the actual numbers in the appendix with the rest of the stakeholder’s info.

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